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Shingle Roofing

Roof Positive offers laminate composite asphalt shingles from traditional architectural limited lifetime options to designer shingles. Estimates are delivered in standard dimensional laminated shingle, unless specified. Manufacture used varies by location.

Metal Roofing

Architectural, structural, standing seam and traditional panel roofing options. Metal roofing comes in a variation of colors, is custom made for your property and an excellent roofing product. Estimates will be delivered in standing seam (no exposed fasteners) unless otherwise specified.

Tile Roofing

Clay, concrete and stone coated steel options are available. Barrel, flat and other styles are available. Estimates will be delivered in chosen and available local products. Offerings differ by location.

Flat Roofing

TPO, PVC, structural standing seam and other commercial/ flat roofing services available. Estimates will be delivered in chosen locally after determining the best materials. Services offered differ. by location.

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"Roof Positive and Chris took all the stress off a roof damage claim and did a great job. Very honest and reliable. Can't thank him enough for the work he did."

– Edna P.

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